We’re still open! Reduced Hours Due to Corona Virus

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We hope everyone is getting by in this difficult time. Currently we are still here to do what we can to help. However, due to staff shortages, we will be temporarily reducing our hours for the foreseeable future.

Starting on March 18th, our hours will be 7:30am-4:30pm on Monday through Friday, and 8:00am – 2:30pm on Saturday, closed on Sunday (as usual). These will remain in effect until further notice.

We are doing what we can to maintain a clean environment (sanitizing counters, door knobs, and other surfaces frequently.) As weather permits, we will keep the doors open so you can walk in without touching anything, and credit card payments are touch free, just insert your card in the machine (no selections or signatures required).

Additionally, we are happy to provide carry out service if you would like to call ahead and pay over the phone, we will bring it to your car. Deliveries are also available for a fee, depending on the order. Give us a call to discuss your needs at 732-985-2700.

If our schedule changes as things develop, we will update you. Please stay safe out there!

2 thoughts on “We’re still open! Reduced Hours Due to Corona Virus

  1. Hi wondering if you sell outdoor lumber? I am refinishing my deck. I am looking for a suggestion for a wood that would hold up well out doors that can provide a decent stained and urethaned finish. It will be a facing boarding not structural but from the elevation view you can see it around the skirt of the deck flush with the decking. Under that I am replacing the privacy screening and railings above it. Looking for a 1x or 2×10 in 10′ or more lengths.

    Do you carry and can you make a suggestion for a product. If you don’t carry can you recommend a lumber location that can help me?

    1. Hi Dennis, Yes we carry a variety of Lumber. Please call the store at 732-985-2700 to discuss your project.

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